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Create safe and secure, one time links to secrets and sensitive data that you want to share

Share all your secrets
Sending sensitve data over email is just not safe. Once it leaves your email provider, it travels all over the internet, plain-text, unencrypted, unless you want to jump through hoops to secure it Then you're left wondering if the recipient can open it.
Transferring using a USB drive might seem safer, but again, once you hand it over, you no longer have control over the data and who can access the drive. It sits on a desk, in a drawer, just waiting for someone to take it and check it out, revealing whatever sensitive data you have on it.
Texting and messaging may appear to be safer, except that your data now lives on the servers of your phone company or your messaging app. There's always a record and you're ripe for data mining and your personal information sold to the data brokers.
So what do I do?

With OneTimeNote you can create a secret, one time link, to share information with a third party. All data is encrypted on our servers and only accessible by using the generated link. We don't even have access, as the link is never saved on our servers. When opened, all data is destroyed and removed from our database and the link is no longer active.

Why, you may ask should I use this? For the reasons above! Email, texting, messaging, even transferring using a USB drive, is just not secure. Let OneTimeNote be your middle man!

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What can I share?

Anything you want!!!!

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